Scott Furlong Predator Complete Resin Kit


Scott Furlong Predator 1:72 scale complete resin kit

This product is suitable for all skill levels and those over age 15 years.

Additional profiles for the Predator are available for free download and high quality prints are available for purchase.



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The “Scott-Furlong Predator” is a fictional prototype of a VTOL fighter, built for the ATV series The Plane Makers circa 1965.  The series focused on the power struggles of a fictional aircraft factory, Scott Furlong Ltd.


The Predator was introduced in Series 3 of The Plane Makers when the series took on a new direction, focussing on the creation of  military Vertical Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) jet that could fly fast (supersonic) without need for airstrips.

The Predator model for the series was constructed by three teams of craftsmen (carpenters, painters and metalworkers) in 2,150 hours and while it never flew, the attention to detail was such that the mock up  sat alongside real aircraft when presented at Biggin Hill airshow in April 1965.  Said to be modeled on a mixture of the Fairey FD.2 and the Dassault Balzac, the Predator’s outer body has the features and details required for vertical take off.

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 4 cm